Heliophysics News

December 13, 2010: NASA Probe Sees Solar Wind Decline En Route To Interstellar Space

October 27, 2010: Two NASA Spacecraft Begin New Exploration Assignments

September 30, 2010: NASA Mission Shows Evolution Of Conditions At Edge Of Solar System

September 2, 2010: NASA Selects Investigations for First Mission to Encounter the Sun

June 8, 2010: NASA Awards Launch Services Contract For IRIS Mission

May 25, 2010: Spacecraft Reveals Small Solar Events Have Large Scale Effects

April 21, 2010: NASA's New Eye on the Sun Delivers Stunning First Images

March 18, 2010: NASA Celebrates Sun-Earth Day Activities with Live Webcast

February 11, 2010: NASA Successfully Launches a New Eye on the Sun

October 15, 2009: NASA Spacecraft Provides First View of Our Place in the Galaxy

June 24, 2009: NASA Selects Proposals to Enhance Science Education and Outreach

April 14, 2009: NASA Spacecraft Show Three Dimensional Anatomy of a Solar Storm

March 20, 2009: NASA and ESA Select Science Investigations for Solar Orbiter

March 19, 2009: NASA Awards Contracts for Science Instruments on Solar Mission

March 18, 2009: NASA Celebrates Sun-Earth Day With Illuminating Webcast

January 5, 2009: NASA Funded Study Reveals Hazards of Severe Space Weather

December 15, 2008: THEMIS, NASA's Top Science, Exploration and Discovery Stories of 2008

October 19, 2008: NASA Launches IBEX Mission to Outer Solar System

July 28, 2008: NASA to Provide Live Coverage of Solar Eclipse

July 24, 2008: NASA Satellites Discover What Powers Northern Lights

June 20, 2008: NASA Selects Explorer Mission of Opportunity Investigations

June 12 2008: International Mission Studying Sun to Conclude

May 29, 2008: NASA Selects Small Explorer Investigations for Concept Studies

April 16, 2010: C/NOFS Launch Successful

May 2008: Heliophysics Town Hall Meeting, College Park, MD

March 2008: Final Report from Heliophysics Division Multiple Spacecraft Missions Lessons Learned Study

March 2008: HELEX: Heliophysical Explorers: Solar Orbiter and Sentinels, Report of the Joint Science and Technology Definition Team

December 6, 2007: Spacecraft Reveals New Insights About the Origin of Solar Wind

September 20, 2007: NASA Debuts Video of Total Solar Eclipse

June 28, 2007: NASA Satellite Captures First View of 'Night-Shining' Clouds

June 25, 2007: NASA Heliophysics Science Data Management Policy released

May 25, 2007: Spacecraft Aids in Forecast of Solar Radiation Storms

April 25, 2007: NASA's AIM Mission Soars to the Edge of Space

April 23, 2007: NASA Spacecraft Make First 3-D Images of Sun

April 11, 2007: NASA Aims to Clear Up Mystery of Elusive Clouds at Edge Of Space

March 12, 2007: Spacecraft to Study Clouds at Edge of Space Arrives at Vandenberg

February 17, 2007: NASA's THEMIS Mission Launched to Study Geomagnetic Substorms

December 22, 2006: First Images From Hinode Offer New Clues About Our Violent Sun

October 25, 2006: NASA's First 3-D Solar Imaging Mission Soars Into Space

September 18, 2006: NASA Teams Up with Japan, United Kingdom and Europe to Study the Sun

August 17, 2006: NASA Satellites Will Improve Understanding of the Sun

July 31, 2006: NASA Selects Teams for Space Weather Mission and Studies

June 29, 2006: NASA's Micro-Satellites Complete Technology Validation Mission

June 26, 2006: NASA and NSF Computers Simulate Sun's Corona

March 28, 2006: NASA Sees Solar Eclipse in a Different Light

March 22, 2006: NASA's Space Technology 5 Satellites Soar Into Space

March 15, 2006: NASA and New York City Museum Bring Universe Down to Earth

March 9, 2006: NASA Spacecraft Helps Researchers See the Sun's Far Side

March 6, 2006: NASA Aids in Resolving Long Standing Solar Cycle Mystery

January 20, 2006: NASA Magnetic Field Mission Ends

December 2005: AGU Press Conference, NASA-NSF Scientists Discover Space Weather "Cold Fronts"

July 2004: National Geographic Magazine, The Sun: Living With the Stormy Star

July 8, 2004: Space Science Update, Spacecraft Fleet Tracks Blast Wave Through Solar System

June 18, 2003: Spacecraft Trio Peeks at Secret Recipe for Stormy Solar Weather,

August 19, 2002: NASA Selects Three Instrument Teams for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Mission
May 9, 2002: Space Science Update 2002: Results from IMAGE - Protection at a Price...